Our wines

The vineyard stretches around 7 hectares, where we grow the 4 indigene varieties:
Sangiovese, Merlot, Foglia Tonda and Pugnitello. Our vines grow on a very special type of soil, the clayey nature of which is of Pliocene origin; still today, walkingthrough the ranks, you can find shells and fossils that testify to the ancient presence of the sea.

The Davinum method

Ancient wisdom creates the flavour which the world likes, today and tomorrow: because excellence knows no time. The rediscovery of a vineyard in disuse but rich in potential; its patient, judicious and rigorous cultivation, have paid off the investment over the years with a product that, in any season, exceeds the expectations and prerogatives of the previous one.


  • 1  Hand-picked, unloaded inside the grape destemmer and manual selection of the grape berries on the vibrating table.
    All grapes will have passed three quality controls.
  • 2  Start of the fermentation in a horizontal tank with inside blades that rotate very slowly to keep the juice constantly in contact with the mash. After 2-3 days the must will be separated from the mash.
  • 3  The wine rests for a few weeks in stainless-steel vats until the biological acid degradation has finished.
  • 4 Afterwards the wine will be filled into new 225-litre French oak barrels or clay amphoras to refine between 16-24 months, depending the complexity.

The grape harvest is the festival of senses whereby we celebrate the rebirth of a precious terroir, which year after year repays us for the daily care and attention we dedicate to it.

Year after year it reminds us that we were right to believe in its potential as a soil with a vocation for the production of fine high-quality wines.

The expert arms of the harvesters are then replaced by gentle hands which select the firmest and healthiest grapes.
After the fermentation process, the wine is left to rest in stainless-steel tanks for the time required to finish the biological acid degradation. A slow process, like that needed by everything that germinates from the soil.

In the cellar the wine rests in French oak barrels or clay amphoras to be refined and aged. The resulting production gives priority to quality over quantity, in line with a philosophy of excellence that makes our winemaking a real way of life.

The huge demand for cork stoppers has resulted in an ever-greater push to bring forward the harvesting of the bark, before the trees have reached the necessary maturity and thickness. Aware of how this process harms the natural cycle and to be as environmentally friendly as possible, we have decided to use a glass stopper. In fact, glass is a substance composed exclusively of natural materials and is 100% recyclable. The glass spigot is not just environmentally friendly, it is completely sterile and also respects the quality of the wine, as it guarantees a perfect seal which minimizes the oxygen exchange in order to let the wine mature perfectly.

Today our winery is open to anyone who wants to share an experience of pleasure for the palate and taste our wines in an extremely fascinating setting.