Our estate produces an excellent extra virgin olive oil, the fruit of a centuries-old tradition. The varieties of olive trees and cultivation techniques, harvesting the olives when at the correct ripeness and careful processing all combine to create an unparalleled product with an unmistakeable taste, which brings with it all the nuances of this land. The polyconic vase growing system is used, while the main cultivars are those typical of Tuscany: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Pendolino. The olives are hand harvested in early November.
The olives are picked directly from the tree and allowed to fall to the ground onto sheets. The olive berries are then collected in small perforated crates, in layers not exceeding 30 cm in depth.


The olives are preserved in cool, ventilated storage areas and sent to crushing on the same day. The entire crushing and extraction cycle is performed cold to obtain olive oil with a low degree of acidity and a pleasant, fruity aroma.


Deep green


Deeply fruity


Slightly bitter. Mildly spicy


October – November

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