Nature and culture of Tuscany

Davinum products are born from this land shaped and refined by man’s expert work, from the cultured nature of Chianti.
Oil and wine for a few: for friends, friends of friends, and the most loyal customers. Each Davinum product is like a piece of the family: you know where it comes from; you want to know where it goes. That’s why between producer and consumer there is only the passage of a handshake.

A family business

The foresight of the Schaetti family and the competent expertise of its co-workers have totally revived the fortunes of this land.

The vineyard

In 2007 the Schaetti family bought the Casalta farm: a manor house surrounded by 6 hectares of land.

The olive grove

The area planted with olive trees is about 2,000 square metres, with the planting of young olive trees dating back to 1995. The grove has about 100 olive trees.

“Where there is no wine there is no love”


Our wines

Structured, intense and with character: our Primo Passo, Solo Uno, Nostrum and Opal narrate the great soul of the noblest aspects of Tuscany

Primo Passo

Year 2012


Year 2015

Solo Uno

Year 2015


Year 2015